Mark My Words

Sermon Series

In The Beginning

The Gospel more than a set of beliefs - it is a person – Jesus Messiah. The “beginning of the gospel” was as momentous as the creation of the world, for in Jesus new creation is at hand. It is a call for the world to wake up!

A Spirit-Filled Life

The baptism of Jesus demonstrated Jesus is the one promised in the Old Testament and the one who will launch God’s kingdom. But like humanity, He must go to the wilderness for testing. Will he emerge the promised Messiah? This event reveals Jesus as the Son of God. It also signifies the long-anticipated return of the Spirit of God. If He passes the test, Jesus becomes the One who can bring salvation to the world

The Time Has Come

The kingdom of God has finally broken into our fallen world. Although hidden, it awaits a future manifestation. With the coming of Jesus, there is an urgency for humanity to choose to accept it or reject it. One must repent and believe the gospel.

The Power of Jesus!

Jesus amazes the crowds with His authoritative teaching, as well as, His power over human sickness and the evil powers of the world. Jesus was not just a great religious authority or prophet. He is the Messiah who has come to redeem captives. Jesus healed the sick and the


The Humanity of Jesus

Jesus is fully God but also fully human. He needed time away to pray in order to fulfill His mission. He felt compassion for the people He healed. Jesus can sympathize with our weaknesses. He loves us and comes to us when all others keep their distance. Jesus not only makes the leper clean, but He trades places – Jesus becomes the one bearing the burden.

The Son of Man

Jesus demonstrates His power to forgive by healing a paralytic. We all have greater needs than the physical. The One who could heal the sick can also forgive sins.

Scandalous Grace

The presence of Jesus meant it was a time of festivities. Jesus came to gather all under His wings of grace and love.

Lord of the Sabbath

Jesus demonstrates His divinity with His authority over the Sabbath.