Mark My Words

Sermon Series

In The Beginning

The Gospel more than a set of beliefs - it is a person – Jesus Messiah. The “beginning of the gospel” was as momentous as the creation of the world, for in Jesus new creation is at hand. It is a call for the world to wake up!

A Spirit-Filled Life

The baptism of Jesus demonstrated Jesus is the one promised in the Old Testament and the one who will launch God’s kingdom. But like humanity, He must go to the wilderness for testing. Will he emerge the promised Messiah? This event reveals Jesus as the Son of God. It also signifies the long-anticipated return of the Spirit of God. If He passes the test, Jesus becomes the One who can bring salvation to the world

The Time Has Come

The kingdom of God has finally broken into our fallen world. Although hidden, it awaits a future manifestation. With the coming of Jesus, there is an urgency for humanity to choose to accept it or reject it. One must repent and believe the gospel.

The Power of Jesus!

Jesus amazes the crowds with His authoritative teaching, as well as, His power over human sickness and the evil powers of the world. Jesus was not just a great religious authority or prophet. He is the Messiah who has come to redeem captives. Jesus healed the sick and the


The Humanity of Jesus

Jesus is fully God but also fully human. He needed time away to pray in order to fulfill His mission. He felt compassion for the people He healed. Jesus can sympathize with our weaknesses. He loves us and comes to us when all others keep their distance. Jesus not only makes the leper clean, but He trades places – Jesus becomes the one bearing the burden.

The Son of Man

Jesus demonstrates His power to forgive by healing a paralytic. We all have greater needs than the physical. The One who could heal the sick can also forgive sins.

Scandalous Grace

The presence of Jesus meant it was a time of festivities. Jesus came to gather all under His wings of grace and love.

Lord of the Sabbath

Jesus demonstrates His divinity with His authority over the Sabbath.

Chosen by God

The popularity and demand of Jesus has increased. The crowds are pressing on Him but they still show no signs of faith. Jesus goes up on a mountain to choose the 12 apostles to be sent out to continue His message of good news. Like the apostles, we are not chosen for our abilities, merits or status. We are chosen out of love.

The True Family of Jesus

Jesus has come to liberate humanity from the power of evil. Casting

out demons was a sign God’s kingdom was arriving. Satan is being defeated one battle after another. He is plundering the house of Satan. Jesus will not even allow his mother or brothers to take priority over the new community being formed. The true family of Christ are

those who sit in His presence and do the will of God.

Understanding The Parables

Jesus’ parables are like stained glass windows, in a cathedral, dull and lifeless from the outside but brilliant and radiant from within. Jesus's parables are not simply good advice, nor are they tools to help you understand something better, they are good news. The life of Jesus is itself a parable, indeed the greatest of them all.

The Stiller of Storms

Despite following Jesus and seeing His miracles, the disciples are terrorized by the power of Jesus over nature. The point isn’t to show Jesus saves them from a storm, but to demonstrate He is God. He does what only God can do. All of us find ourselves in sudden, terrifying storms in life. In those moments of desperation, we are to turn to Jesus, even if we do not fully understand who He is and the power He possesses.

The Quieter of Souls

Jesus heals a man tormented by a legion of demons. This man, who lived among the tombs, could not be restrained by the strongest of chains. Jesus not only has the power to confine him, but to set the man free from the evil within him. Jesus calms the inner being. He has power over the spiritual forces of evil. Not all have demons tormenting them from within, but many struggles with inner conflict. Only One can bring peace. He has a power that is greater than the strongest of irons. He can bring calm to our chaotic inner battles.

The Healer of Humanity

A synagogue leader pleads with Jesus to heal his sick daughter. Jesus agrees but is interrupted by a woman who was suddenly healed by touching His garment. She demonstrates a saving faith that the father will be asked to have. Two very different people are represented, and both were restored. All are equal before God. Jesus loves us all and longs for humanity to stop living in fear and learn to trust Him no matter the situation – even death.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Jesus visits His hometown synagogue and teaches. The people are astonished but not for the right reasons. They cannot get past how Mary's boy, the carpenter, could have such wisdom and power. Many believing parents wonder why their children leave, stop going to church and turn their backs on the things they had always been taught. We have made sure we and our children know the stories but have neglected to allow our faith to grow.


The One Shall Become Twelve

Jesus sends out the Twelve for the first time. They are a continuation of the mission of Christ - casting out demons, preaching the good news and healing the sick. Suddenly Mark recounts something that had already occurred - the death of John the Baptizer. Immediately after this flashback, Mark simply tells us the disciples returned to their mission. To be a disciple of Jesus is to count the cost. One must be prepared to die for the cause if necessary. But the victory has already been won. And Christianity cannot be extinguished.

Empty Hand and Full Bellies

Jesus was trying to enjoy a spiritual retreat with the Twelve when He sees the crowds running along the Sea of Galilee to follow Him to His next stop. Out of compassion Jesus puts the retreat on hold to teach the people. As darkness started to set in, a problem arose. The people are hungry, and they needed to eat. Once again Jesus teaches us about discipleship. It isn't sitting back and watching Jesus do everything. He brings us in, to be His hands as we serve Him with faith.