Mark My Words

The Gospel Age Begins

The Gospel more than a set of beliefs - it is a person – Jesus Messiah. The “beginning of the gospel” was as momentous as the creation of the world, for in Jesus new creation is at hand. It is a call for the world to wake up!

A Watered-Down Gospel

The baptism of Jesus demonstrated Jesus is the one promised in the Old Testament and the one who will launch God’s kingdom. This event reveals Jesus as the Son of God. It also signifies the long-anticipated return of the Spirit of God.

Showdown in the Desert

The Spirit that empowers Jesus now tests Him to determine if He will use this divine Sonship to for His advantage or submit to the Father. The Messiah must pass the test that all others had failed before Him. The salvation of the world depended on Jesus’ perfection.

The Time Has Come

The kingdom of God has finally broken into our fallen world. Although hidden, it awaits a future manifestation. With the coming of Jesus, there is an urgency for humanity to choose to accept it or reject it. One must repent and believe the gospel.

A Higher Calling

We discover the three aspects of the calling of disciples of Jesus. To be a disciple of Christ requires a major change – to have the mind of God rather than self.

The Amazing Jesus!

Jesus amazes the crowds with His authoritative teaching and the evil powers of the world. Jesus was not just a great religious authority or prophet. He is the Messiah who has come to redeem captives.

A Day with Jesus

Mark takes us into a day with Jesus. We see how Jesus saw the world – with compassion. It is important humanity sees Jesus, not just as a healer, but as the true essence of God – a God of compassion.

The Inward and Outward Way of Jesus

The work of the Son of God is inward and outward. Jesus cannot outwardly do His outward ministry without care for the inward – time with the Father. A disciple is a learner. Jesus shows us about our work with God.

Trading Places

Jesus has come, not only to heal, but to cleanse the impure and outcasts. Jesus loves and comes to us when all others are keeping their distance. Jesus not only makes the leper clean, but He trades places – Jesus becomes the one bearing the burden.