Sermon series from the stories of Acts

In only three decades, a small group of frightened believers in Jerusalem transformed into an empire-wide movement of people who had committed their lives to Jesus Christ. Don't miss the exciting stories of the early believers unleashed by the power of the Holy Spirit to share the Gospel of Christ. Series begins January 27 .

Bold Moves - Peter & John

We must be bold and rely on the power of the Holy Spirit

Baggage Handler - Philip

Everyone comes with baggage they bring into this new life in Christ.  At times it is messy.

Divine Direction - The Ethiopian Official

The importance of Spirit led discipleship and leading those with little Biblical knowledge about Jesus.

A Healing Touch - Ananias

Reaching out to those who have experienced tragedy and fear.

Everyone Welcome - Cornellius

Taking the Good News to those who are seeking God, even if they are considered outcasts by others.

The Defender - Barnabas

Discipling those others have given up on.  Not only taking them under your wing but fighting for them.

Show Not Tell - Timothy

Discipling others is more than telling them what they need to do or not do.  Discipleship is about taking others along with you in ministry.

An Open Heart - Lydia

To be discipled by others, we must open our hearts to God’s teaching from others.

Enemy Mine - The Jailor

Taking the Good News to our enemies.

Iron Sharpens Iron - Priscilla and Aquilla

Discipling the disciple.  How to help other believers who may need to know the way of God more accurately.

A Closed Mind - Agrippa

Not everyone we share the Good News of Jesus Christ with will be accepting. How do we deal with those who reject Christ?