Young Adults

People who are just like you!

Young Adults at Vero Beach

This is a collective group of young adults (ages 18 - 30) from all over Indian River County coming together for pray, study, and community.

You can learn about our current series below and get connected with our group using the button at the bottom to get in contact with our Young Life Minister.

Current Series

"(Un)Learning Christianese" Past Video Lessons

Week 1: "Holiness" (Jan 20th)

What is the idea behind holiness in the Bible and how is holiness more than just being good and morally upstanding?

Week 2: "Bad Words: Sin, Transgression, Iniquity" (jan 27th)

We’ll explore the concept of “moral failure” that underlies this important biblical word. Get ready to discover a profound and realistic portrait of the human condition.

Week 3: "Exile" (Feb 3rd)

What was the exile all about, and why is the exile such a big deal? How did we end up here and is there any hope of going home?

Week 4 "The Messiah" (Feb 10th)

The mysterious promise on page three of the Bible promises a deliverer would one day come to confront evil and rescue humanity. We trace this theme through the family of Abraham, and ultimately to Jesus who defeated evil by letting it defeat him.

Week 5 "Atonement / Sacrafice" (Feb 17th)

We all long for the world to be good but there's a problem. What does sacrifice and atonement in the Bible have to do with conquering evil?

Week 6 "Compassion" (feb 24th)

The word compassionate is the first word God uses to describe himself to Moses on Mount Sinai in Exodus 34:6-7. It might be surprising to learn that compassion is a deeply emotional word—one used to convey the strong bond between a parent and their child.

Week 7 "The gospel" (MAr 3rd)

Gospel is one of the most common words in a Christian’s vocabulary. But what does it mean in the original languages of the Bible? Discover how gospel is a royal announcement about Jesus, who is the crucified and risen King.