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Young Adults

People who are just like you!

Young Adults at Vero Beach

This is a collective group of young adults (ages 18 - 30ish) from all over Indian River County coming together for pray, study, and community.

You can learn about our current series below and get connected with our group using the button at the bottom to get in contact with one of our minister!

Current Series

We are in a new series on Hospitality. Different couples throughout the church are inviting us into their homes for this series and showing what hospitality looks like from them.

If you are a young adult and are interested in joining, please use the button below to get connected and learn more information. We'd love to have you!

Past Series

(February 2024-March 2024)

Love in Chaos

Bob Goff

(April 2023-October 2023)

The Gospel of John

(February 2023-March 2023)


(July 2022 - October 2022)

The Chosen Season 2

Reflections on the popular Christian show, The Chosen.

(March 2022 - May 2022)

Biblical Spiritual Beings

What should we think of the spiritual beings in the Bible?

(January 2022 - February 2022)

Love, Sex & Dating

How to navigate relationships as a young Christian

Samples of Past Lessons (recorded)

Week 1: "Holiness"

What is the idea behind holiness in the Bible and how is holiness more than just being good and morally upstanding?

Messiah Part 1

The Problem of Hell

Tips For Reading Your Bible