We work very closely with the St. John's Church of Christ, but also with the George family.

Our History

Over 50 years ago our church sponsored Cornelius George through college, from that sprung a lifetime of support. Cornelius was being led to start working in the Caribbean Islands, and he wrote a letter to our church saying he was going to Antigua and that God would provide. When the men of the church got together and read that letter they decided they were going to help him and decided to help support Cornelius and his wife Doris monetarily.

The St. John's Church of Christ was born not long after that, it started with meeting in the upstairs of a grocery store, then in the early 1970's a home that was specifically bought to turn into a meeting place became the new church, which they quickly outgrew and expanded. Now, they have been in the same building that we helped build in 1998.

The Building Then vs. Now

The building interior in 1998

The building interior in 2022

the building from the road 1998

the building from the road 2022

the patio 1998

the patio 2022

What about now?

As a church, we continue to support and encourage the Golden Grove Church of Christ. For the first time, we are sending a group full of families to Antigua for a mission trip this summer. The group that is going consists of people of all ages, from parents to babies, and everything in between. This group is going to not only be focused on the Golden Grove Church, but also the other Churches of Christ on the island.