We work very closely with Louis Swakkiam who is doing incredible work in India.

Louis Swakkiam

225 baptisms in 2022; Louis is a preacher but has also worked in management. So he not only knows the word, but also knows how to work with people. He has a team of people who work part time with him in his Christian work.

  • Youth rallies
  • Tailoring classes for women, so they can also make money 8 total classes and counting. At least 3 classes a year only $3,000 a year.
  • Studies with different villages
  • Women's meetings
  • Men's meetings
  • So many different tendrils in so many different places
  • Built a baptistry in a place with no running water, and baptized 27 in one day, continues to meet in that village and grow the Christians in faith and in number
  • Recently found property to build a more permanent meeting place central to town so that transportation is not an issue for those wanting to attend; should be built by May